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Top 5 Medical Marijuana Doctors in Los Angeles


When finding a medical marijuana recommendation pdf or letter in Los Angeles, California, you need to bear some things in mind so that you don’t have to regret it later on. We have listed some facts that you can refer to before going to a medical marijuana doctor or consulting online. Here is the list of top 5 Medical Marijuana Doctors in Los Angeles Weedofy Los Angeles, CA Weedofy has emerged as one of the leading medical marijuana doctors if

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Does Marijuana Cause Acne?

marijuana affect acne

Marijuana can affect your skin in a number of ways. Multiple investigations have shown that the simple act of smoking is harmful to the skin, it ages it prematurely. But recently, more studies have come out linking certain effects of cannabis to certain skin reactions. At the moment they are only theories since in a certain way the effects are different depending on the person. However, there are certain people for whom marijuana would indirectly be contributing to the appearance

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How to Make Marijuana Butter?

Marijuana Butter

There are many recipes that can be made with marijuana and with the legalization of this in the US they are still testing more recipes. Get a Florida Medical Marijuana Card from a verified doctor. What is Marijuana Butter? Marijuana butter is a different way of consuming marijuana, historically the consumption of marijuana was done through ingestion and mostly mixed with other foods furthermore, one of the first marijuana concentrates was bhang, which was made with milk and clarified cow’s

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WHO Recognizes CBD in Marijuana as Safe

WHO Recognizes CBD in Marijuana as Safe

On 14 December 2017 the World Health Organization during a meeting of the Expert Committee on Drug Dependence in which they concluded that CBD or cannabidiol in pure form seems to be a safe substance, which is not harmful and does not even have the risk of abuse. However, it was recommended that CBD not be classified as a compound of cannabis and therefore not be subject to the international control on drugs imposed by the United Nations Single Convention

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Marijuana Types. History, Uses, and Effects

marijuana types

Cannabis has been with us, at least, since history began to be written. Although it is logical to think that humans have used it long before. We have used a multitude of plants since the Paleolithic and now we know that animals also process and use various plants to heal, detoxify, make their homes and shelters, etc. It seems evident that we were not going to leave aside one of the most useful things for our species; clothing, food, medicine,

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Feminized Marijuana Seeds VS Regular Seeds

feminized marijuana seeds

The concept of feminized seeds was developed in Europe by Dutch Passion during the ’90s, these seeds differed from regular seeds in that feminized seeds were specifically designed by breeders to discard the male chromosomes, obtaining seeds whose all their chromosomes were female. This led to the appearance of the first feminized marijuana seeds so that all the plants in your crop were feminine and put an end to the waste of seeds, materials (soil, pots, fertilizers, etc.), time, or

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How Marijuana Use Affects Appetite?

marijuana affects appetite

Why does marijuana improve the appetite? Marijuana has been commonly used as an appetite stimulator for different eating disorders, but until recently we did not really know how marijuana is capable of stimulating the appetite. Recently and thanks to a study conducted by Yale University for the journal Nature, it has been possible to find out why marijuana helps increase appetite. This is due to THC and some neuroreceptors called pro-opiomelanocortins (POMC), these neurons are the ones that normally regulate

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Relationship between Marijuana and Sleep

Relationship between marijuana and sleep

Marijuana has been commonly used to aid sleep, and marijuana has been shown to reduce the time of onset of sleep and increase its overall duration without leaving the user tired the next day. When someone who uses a lot of marijuana stops smoking suddenly, they usually complain of difficulty sleeping and that dreams are much more real, which makes it clear that there is a correlation between marijuana and sleep. If you want to buy medical marijuana legally you

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