Feminized Marijuana Seeds VS Regular Seeds

The concept of feminized seeds was developed in Europe by Dutch Passion during the ’90s, these seeds differed from regular seeds in that feminized seeds were specifically designed by breeders to discard the male chromosomes, obtaining seeds whose all their chromosomes were female. This led to the appearance of the first feminized marijuana seeds so that all the plants in your crop were feminine and put an end to the waste of seeds, materials (soil, pots, fertilizers, etc.), time, or even watts of light. In addition, we will also save constant visits to the crop to identify the males before they release pollen, or avoid the annoying seeds in our buds due to the pollination of other male plants that were not even ours or that were not even close to ours (the Pollen from males is like dust, which moves fast with the air and is capable of traveling very long distances). You can get these seeds from any marijuana dispensaries with medical marijuana card.

The vast majority of growers in Europe choose feminized marijuana seeds for these reasons because for many of us it is very tiresome to have to go through the plant by plant identifying the males to remove them before flowering arrives so that they cannot pollinate. to other female plants, since the buds of a pollinated female do not have the same potency as an unpollinated female.

When removing the males, free spaces are left where light or space is not used, since the plants during growth have filled the growing space and when removing the male specimens you will see how you have free spaces that will never be fill, which is a waste of light, space, time and money.

The feminized seeds have become a very useful tool for all types of growers even in guerrilla growing and that the feminized seeds are able to reduce risks and work, since decreasing the number of plants is more difficult than your plants are seen, it will also mean fewer trips to the place where we have them hidden (less chance of being seen) and also all this by planting half the seeds than if we used regular seeds. With feminized seeds you put exactly the number of plants you need for your growing space, you can make a better forecast of the ones you will need.

Now, it should also be noted that any marijuana plant can produce flowers of both sexes in situations of strong stress (hermaphrodite plants), such as adverse environmental conditions, lack or excess of water, excess with fertilizers, insect pests or fungi, alterations in the photoperiod, light that gives the plant when it should be in the dark or physical damage to the plant.

Hermaphroditism is a survival mechanism that occurs due to a stressful situation. Then, the plant realizing that its chances of surviving and ending its cycle are not very good it begins to produce male flowers that will pollinate the pistils of the female flowers, producing seeds without needing a male plant.

In the opposite case, male plants can also produce female flowers, but this is much rarer.

To be clearer, hermaphroditism is a natural part of the genetics of the marijuana plant, and depending on the genetics of each plant it will be more or less prone to show hermaphroditism under stress conditions, thus demystifying the urban legend that feminized seeds of marijuana are more prone to hermaphroditism.

The Cannabis Seeds have not been genetically modified, the first feminized seeds were made by two female plants having one hermaphroditic tendency to stress and another being a pure female. The growers achieved this by altering the photoperiod and pruning branches and leaves, with the pollen that they generated, stressing the plant with hermaphrodite tendencies, the fully female plant was pollinating.

Over time feminization techniques have been improved and they have become considerably more complex and refined. Today there are several methods such as colloidal silver or sodium thiosulfate with silver nitrate, hormones, and even completely natural methods such as modelization.

For all these reasons, today, choosing feminized marijuana seeds is preferable to regular seeds, you will save time, money, and space and you will gain peace of mind and security, which is something that all growers look for.

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